What Is Home Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Home Warranty?

Home Warranty is a service plan that covers the costs of repair or replacement of major appliances and systems in your home like HVAC, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers and much more.

What is the difference between home warranty and homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance pays for damage and loss caused by outside forces like natural disasters, fires and weather, stolen items due to a burglary, or structural malfunctions of the house. For example, while homeowners insurance would cover a collapsed kitchen ceiling due to a termite takeover, it would not cover an oven range that’s ‘burnt out’ and stops working. That’s where home warranty comes in.

A home warranty covers the cost of repairs and replacements of certain appliances and systems in your home caused by everyday wear and tear, or from old age. Malfunctioning microwave? Fried refrigerator? Temperamental thermostat? Elderly HVAC?

In a nutshell, homeowners insurance covers unexpected events that lead to damage, while home warranties cover events that are somewhat expected, such as the aging and ultimate breakdown of appliances and systems.

What is Armadillo?

Armadillo’s mission is to eliminate the headache that comes with home ownership. We’ve built Armadillo from the ground up to ensure that repairing or replacing major appliances or systems in your home is uncomplicated and hassle-free. It’s as simple as that.

Armadillo is a subscription-based home warranty plan for when a covered item breaks. We schedule and coordinate service appointments and manage the logistics to repair or replace it. We sweat the small stuff and the big stuff so you don’t have to.

How is Armadillo different from other home warranty companies?

We will be so bold as to say we are redefining home warranty: stuff breaking down in your home comes with the territory and home warranty needs a serious makeover. Enter Armadillo. We are a technology company that makes requesting a repair and resolving the issue streamlined, easy, at your fingertips, and affordable. Providing excellent customer experience is what we’re all about. We even have a cute little armadillo mascot.

Can I use my own service provider?

Armadillo has a network of qualified (and awesome) service providers, but you can opt to use your own.

Why do I need an Armadillo plan?

Homeownership is awesome. But it also means you have to deal with the breakdowns in your home: from disgruntled dishwashers to tuckered out HVAC systems. Armadillo is there to repair and replace swiftly. We live in an era where we expect easy, convenient and fast. Armadillo is a new kind of Home Warranty… a home warranty for a new generation of homeowners.

Who is Armadillo for?

Homeowners and Landlords, we got you. Check out our Landlord page here.

About the Armadillo Plan

What’s covered with an Armadillo plan?

Depending on your level of protection your plan covers different items/systems. Most plans cover the following items:


  • Central A/C System
  • Central Heating System
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Water Heater
  • Central Humidifier
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Range
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen Exhaust
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Trash Compactor


Consult your Armadillo Plan or reach out to us directly for information on specific coverage levels and maximum coverage amounts for each item listed above.

What plan is right for me?

Armadillo coverage is broken down into 3 tiers for you to choose from: Base, Standard and Premium. Many of our homeowners opt for the Standard, which provides great coverage for most household types. Give us a ring anytime (502) 653-2011 to talk through coverage options and which plan is optimal for your home.

How much does an Armadillo plan cost?

Costs of our plans vary based on where you are located and the type of plan you select. Enter your zip code and find out pricing in less than 60 seconds  here.

What types of breakdowns or failures are covered?

Armadillo covers normal wear and tear of major appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers), HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. This includes the cost of parts and labor to repair or replace the appliances and systems.

Home warranty versus manufacturer’s warranty - what’s the difference?

While individual appliances may initially be covered under manufacturers’ warranties, these only last a predetermined period of time – usually a year. You know what we’re talking about, we’ve all been there.

Home warranties provide protection regardless of the age of the appliance or system. You’ll never have to turn your house upside down digging up your manufacturer’s warranty ever again.

What is not covered by an Armadillo Home Warranty plan?

We do not cover known pre-existing conditions. That is, we do not cover items that were previously known to have been damaged – those are your responsibility. We also do not cover intentional damage and suggest you read our (insanely short and to-the-point*) service contract to review all applicable exclusions.

*as a matter of fact, we have the shortest, most transparent and digestible service contract in the home warranty industry. So go ahead, read it…it’ll only take a few minutes.

How does my Armadillo subscription work along with my existing warranties or insurance policies?

The Armadillo plan is secondary to any other warranties or insurance policies you have in place. But don’t sweat it! We’re available M-F 8am-8pm to clarify and clear up any confusion about what’s covered in your plan.

Note that Home Buyer’s who purchased the Buyer’s Armadillo Home Warranty plan will have unknown pre-existing conditions covered by their plan. You just moved into your new home, and we won’t hold you responsible for unknown damages to covered items – that’s a pretty pretty pretty good deal.

When does my coverage start?

Let’s say you purchase your Armadillo Home Warranty plan on July 1st. There is a standard wait period of 30-days before you can file your first claim – in this example, the “Effective Date” would be August 1st.

If you are a Home Buyer and have the Buyer’s Armadillo Home Warranty plan, then you will not have a waiting period. Your coverage will begin at the Closing Date of the house.

What sort of add-ons can I choose for my plan?

We have designed the Armadillo plan to include all the add-ons that might make sense. Give us a ring anytime 844 471 1800 to talk through coverage options and which add-ons are optimal for your home. Here’s a list:


  • Additional Refrigerator (Including Ice Maker): We cover your fridge under your Plan, but sometimes one just isn’t enough for all your beverages and food. This addon is for an additional fridge.
  • Freestanding Ice Maker: Everyone loves a cool beverage. Be cool and add the freestanding ice maker so nothing comes between you and an ice cold drink (or two).
  • Freestanding Freezer: Add a freestanding freezer to enhance your coverage and keep things cool.
  • Freestanding Wine Chiller: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Riesling? Ensure all your wines (and other beverages) stay chilled by adding a freestanding wine chiller to your Plan.


Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Additional Air Conditioning System: For homeowners with an extra AC unit to keep things cool on those long, hot summer days.
  • Additional Heating System: For homeowners with an extra heating system to keep things warm on those cold, dreary winter days.


External Systems

  • Well Pump and Septic System: If you have a well pump then this add on is for you! The coverage provides protection for your well pump and your wastewater treatment system should anything happen.
  • Sprinkler System and Outside Plumbing: Keep your watering schedule consistent with this add on to ensure your lawn and plants don’t go thirsty. This add-on provides another layer of protection to keep your sprinkler system and outside plumbing covered.
  • External Sewer Lines: Don’t forget about the sewer lines outside of the walls of your home. Many consumers are unaware of their potential liability a faulty or failed sewer line can cause. Add to your Plan to protect yourself.
  • External Water Lines: Nothing is worse than not having water. A leak or break in your water line is often times the homeowner’s responsibility and can leave you without water for days. Add the external water line coverage to ensure you’re protected!
  • External Electric Line: Repair of your external electric lines can be inconvenient and costly! Keep yourself protected by adding external electric line coverage to your Plan.
  • Gas Line: The same great coverage you would expect from our other external line options, but applicable for those customers with natural gas.



  • Brand-for-Brand Upgrade: We’re all loyal to our favorite manufactures. This add-on ensures that you have extra coverage if any item under your Plan needs to be replaced with the same brand.
  • Swimming Pool & Spa: You bought a pool to enjoy it! This add on will make sure that any unexpected trouble is quickly resolved and you’ll be back to swimming laps in no time. Our plan also covers Salt Water pools.
  • Water Purification System: If you’ve invested in a water purification system in your home then you want to definitely make sure it’s protected. Add an additional layer of protection to keep your water source soft and pure.
  • Generator: The backup to your backup. Armadillo offers the ability to keep your back-up power solution protected from breakdowns so you can keep the power on when you need it most.
  • Guest House: This addon is only available with the Premium Plan. It provides the same level of coverage you have on your primary house for a guest house located on your property. That includes the appliances, the HVAC system, the plumbing and the electricity in the Guest House!


Does Armadillo cover maintenance?

Coming soon! Armadillo will be launching a “schedule routine maintenance” capability through our portal and will be available to all our customers.

What happens to my plan if I sell my home?

Congrats! If you’re moving you can purchase a new Armadillo plan through our portal or call us at 844 471 1800 and we’ll help you transfer the same convenient, easy protection you’ve come to love to your new digs.

And if you would like to include an Armadillo plan on the home you are selling so that buyers feel confident moving forward, let us know. We’ll work with your real estate agent to make your property listing that much more attractive to prospective buyers!

Service Visits and Claims

How do I request service?

Easy – click that button at the top right of this screen or log into your Armadillo portal here. Or you can talk to us anytime at 844 471 1800.

Does Armadillo provide 24/7 support?

Oh yeah! While we have humans by the phone during working hours to answer your calls, our digital platform allows us to intake service requests from you at any time of day! We know unexpected stuff happens to your appliances or systems anytime of day so we’re available to you 24/7/365.

When can I expect a repair professional to come?

As soon as possible. We begin processing your claim immediately and once approved, we’ll have a repair professional coming your way ASAP (synchronized with your availability and schedule of course).

How do you choose the repair professional?

We only work with the highest quality service professionals in the biz. We’re constantly tracking and evaluating performance to ensure our customers receive the best home service experience. We ensure that service technicians are experienced, properly licensed, insured, and ready to take on whatever service you may need. PS, we appreciate your feedback after service is complete, allowing us to continuously improve and deliver exceptional service to you and your neighbors.

Can I use my own service professional or handyman?

We get it, you love your people. If you have someone you like working with then no problemo. Just make sure to let us know before any work is done so that we can provide you with simple instructions for approving any service costs from your preferred service pro.

Why are your service professionals different?

We only work with pre-qualified and experienced service providers because we know what you expect. And to boot, there’s nothing more feel-good than resolving an issue with an exceptional provider. It’s a simple principle and a pillar of our thinking here at Armadillo. Good people, excellent service, no sweat.

What if my appliance or system cannot be fixed?

If your appliance or system cannot be fixed then Armadillo will provide you with cash for a replacement. If you have a preference for Brand, please make sure you choose the optional Brand-for-Brand add-on with your plan for additional coverage. It doesn’t cost much, and it is awesome! Especially if you love your current appliance brands.

What am I responsible for?

Our goal is to make home ownership as easy as possible for our customers. That being said, you do have some simple responsibilities:

  • Choose the plan the best fits the needs of your home
  • Provide us with model and serial number information for your stuff (we may have to request some more info for our service providers – we don’t want them to have to make more than one trip to your home if possible)
  • Properly maintain your stuff
  • Try your best to protect anything that gets damaged
  • Make your appliance or system reasonably available to the service professional when they come for their visit

What is a deductible?

For your covered breakdowns, we charge a deductible to your account at the time of your service appointment – not beforehand. The deductible amount is the same regardless of how much time a service technician spends at your house and is only charged one time per incident (even if the repair or replacement takes more than one service visit).

The reason we have a deductible is so that we can continue to offer you affordable comprehensive plans.

Is there a limit to the number of service visits I can request?

There is no limit to the number of service visits you can request. You will be responsible for a single deductible for each covered breakdown, no matter how many times a service technician has to come back to your house. Just keep in mind that your plan has coverage limits that vary depending on the plan tier you select.

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can submit?

The only limits for your covered items are the product and aggregate limits detailed in your policy.


How is the Armadillo plan different for landlords, as opposed to Homeowners?

We designed the Armadillo plans to fit the needs of both homeowners and landlords. If you are a landlord looking to purchase an Armadillo plan then we’ve got just the right plan for your needs – follow our purchase path here.

Can I sign up multiple properties for an Armadillo plan?

Absofrickinlutely. Sign up today and you’ll be improving your tenants’ experience when important things break down in your properties, stabilizing your monthly expenses, and reducing overall landlord-stress. Happy tenant, happy landlord.

Does an Armadillo plan work with Property Management services?

Yes. Armadillo complements the services of property management companies. We cover the costs of repair and replacements of major appliances, HVAC systems, plumbing issues, electrical issues, and more. And we use technology to facilitate repair or replacement so that you don’t have to be on call at all times (phew!). Here’s some of what we do:

  • 24/7 service requests for you and your tenants
  • Troubleshooting
  • Active management of service providers
  • Follow ups with tenants
  • Stress-free property management

What is Home Warranty?

Home Warranty plans cover the costs of repair or replacement of major appliances and systems like HVAC, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers and so much more.

Armadillo is a technology company that makes requesting a repair and resolving the issue streamlined, easy, at your fingertips, and affordable.

Typical Home Warranty

A long legal contract. More pages means more conditions and exclusions – and more reasons to deny you service.

Armadillo’s Home Warranty

Shortest, most transparent and digestible plan in the industry. That means less fine print so that we can actually deliver for you.