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Summertime How-To: Reviving Cedar Shingle Siding

Spending more time in your backyard on these balmy mornings and evenings means you’re probably scoping the place, readying your outdoor space for a summer of fun. And we’ve found that one of the top home maintenance tasks along with cleaning outdoor furniture and breaking out the ol’ garden hose, is assessing and reviving shingle siding.

Cedar shingle siding is prized for its looks and durability. But like any home exterior, over time, exposure to the elements can lead to chipped and aged shingles. Restoring their appearance with a fresh coat of paint not only provides added protection but spruces up the whole house.

Cedar shingles are made from natural cedar wood, known for its resistance to decay and insects. Regular maintenance, including power washing and painting, helps to preserve and protect the shingles.

Inspect the Shingles Start by thoroughly inspecting the cedar shingles. Look for:

     Chipping or Peeling Paint Identify areas where the paint is deteriorating.

     Wood Damage Check for any rot or significant damage that may require replacement.

     Mold or Mildew Look for signs of mold or mildew, especially in shaded or damp areas.

**Safety First** We recommend enlisting the help of service pros for this job if there are out of reach shingles or extensive damage to the exterior siding.

Have the Shingle Siding Power Washed This is an annual maintenance task and if you have yet to check it off your list, here’s your friendly reminder. And to boot, proper cleaning is crucial for paint adherence and longevity.

Scrape Loose Paint  **Safety first** Be sure to wear safety goggles, mask and work gloves, especially if there is a risk the paint may contain lead. After the damaged shingles within reach are dry, use scrapers to remove any remaining loose or chipping paint.

Paint the Shingles* With the surface prepared, it’s time to paint:

Choose the Right Paint Opt for high-quality acrylic latex exterior paint. This type of paint offers excellent durability and flexibility. We like Benjamin Moore’s Moore Life Exterior Paint to get the job done #notsponsored

First Coat Begin by painting the edges and detailed areas with a brush. Apply the paint in the direction of the wood grain for a uniform look. Let the first coat dry thoroughly.

Second Coat Apply a second coat of paint for better coverage and durability. Apply the second coat evenly and allow it to dry completely.

Cure Time: Allow the paint to fully cure, which can take several days. Avoid washing or exposing the freshly painted shingles to heavy rain during this period.

*Tip for success: Paint on a dry, mild day. Avoid painting in direct sunlight, extreme heat, or high humidity. Check the forecast and make sure there isn’t any heavy rain the following few days.


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