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Armadillo x Beycome: Expanding the real-estate ecosystem

MIAMI and CLARKSVILLE, Ind.March. 20, 2023 / —

Armadillo x Beycome: Expanding the real-estate ecosystem

Pioneering homeowner-centric tech startups Armadillo, a modern tech-enabled home warranty platform, and Beycome, a leading tech-enabled digital real estate platform, have launched a partnership to provide homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners with an additional tool to facilitate the home selling experience.

This collaboration provides Beycome’s ‘seller’ clients with the ability to add an Armadillo home warranty in-app to reduce friction for the seller and move the transaction along more smoothly and efficiently. Armadillo’s product also provides support via seller’s coverage, which covers the cost of appliance/system breakdowns that may occur leading up to a closing date.

“Armadillo’s value proposition goes arm-in-arm with Beycome and their client base. Adding an Armadillo plan removes any uncertainties around potential breakdowns of home appliances/systems and removes obstacles that could hinder a sale. Armadillo x Beycome means that properties sell more quickly and at a higher value,” said Armadillo CEO Matan Slagter.

“Our partnership with Armadillo aligns with our goal of making real estate transactions as stress-free as possible, and this home warranty plan is a critical component of that effort,” said beycome CEO Nico Jodin. “We quickly discovered we share a fundamental ethos and circumstance: the inception of both companies was a response to the industry standard that just wasn’t cutting it. We were both driven to do things differently and we knew there would be an opportunity in the future to do something meaningful together.”

In December 2022, Armadillo and Beycome began work on an integration, and hit the market in under 2 weeks. When the Armadillo x Beycome collab dropped – despite it being during the slowest real estate season – home sellers jumped to add Armadillo coverage to their listings. 

Armadillo and Beycome are next-generation platforms for homeowners and sellers. With the Armadillo x Beycome partnership, the platforms make buying and renting a home easier, faster, cheaper and fair by helping buyers and renters through every step of the process, consolidating it all in one digital platform and putting commission dollars back in the sellers’ pocket.

About Beycome

Beycome is a real estate technology platform that revolutionized the process of buying and selling homes. By eliminating the need for a real estate agent, beycome allows users to digitally purchase or sell their home and everything in between, resulting in significant cost savings on commissions. Since its launch in July 2020, beycome has closed 5,700 properties worth $1.7 billion, saving users over $51 million in commissions. With a remarkable pace of one property closing every 40 minutes, beycome is a modern, faster, easier, and cheaper alternative For Sale by Owner or traditional real estate practices. It is worth noting that beycome operates entirely without in-house realtors.

About Armadillo

Armadillo is a technology company that offers home warranty plans designed for a new generation of homeowners. Founded in 2021 by Matan Slagter and Lansdon Robbins, Armadillo’s mission is to provide an effortless homeownership experience. Armadillo plans are available nationwide. Learn more by visiting www.armadillo.one or sending an email to info@armadillo.one for media or partnership inquiries.


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